Man Tries To Cook Chickens In Yellowstone Geyser

Original Photo by Darrell Gough from Pexels

Wanna find yourself with a two-year ban from Yellowstone National Park? A man from Idaho visited the park, burlap bag with two chickens in tow, bound for one of the infamous thermal geysers... with cookware.

Yes, he was going cook said chickens inside of Yellowstone National Park! Which is not allowed (food is not allowed near the geysers at all). Not only are there safety precautions that prohibit visitors from straying from the boardwalks and trails around the thermal pools to prevent injuries, but also to keep the lifeforms within the geysers safe.

The wannabe chef plead guilty to charges, will not be allowed in the park for two years and has to $1,200 in fines to the park.

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