"Jelly Belly" The Gold Ticket Contest

David Klein, a founder of the beloved Fairfield treasure Jelly Belly, has gone full Willy Wonka and announced The Gold Ticket.

You can play the game by first visiting their website TheGoldTicket.com. There is one gold ticket hidden in each state with a $5,000 prize attached to it! The grand prize: winning one of Klein's candy factories!

Here's how to play, as listed on their website:

  • Each Treasure Hunt Game will have a game location and start date and cost $49.98 to play(this is the cost for the riddle).
  • The registered person who purchased the game play will be signed up in a private forum. You must have a Facebook account.
  • We have been hit with a HUGE response and we are making every attempt to handle your orders. We will respond to everyone, but it might take a bit of time. Thank you all for understanding.
  • The day and time your treasure hunt starts, you will receive the riddle in your group.
  • You will be looking for a Gold Ticket in the form of a necklace with a tag that includes a code you need to use to verify your find. Winners will receive $5,000.
  • Gold Ticket codes must be submitted to TrickyTreasures@gmail.com with the location it was found.
  • All Treasure Hunt players will be eligible to join in on The Ultimate Treasure Hunt where I give away one of my candy factories.
  • Sign up for our main Facebook page and newsletter to be the first to find out about new Treasure Hunts.


Many people believed the candy factory to be given away was a JELLY BELLY factory, to which the jelly bean company issued the following statement:

“Due to confusion in the marketplace, Jelly Belly Candy Company would like to take this opportunity to clear up the misconception that it is involved with a contest that purportedly offers a candy factory as its grand prize. Jelly Belly Candy Company, formerly known as Herman Goelitz Candy Company, has candy making roots back to 1869. It was founded by brothers Gustav and Albert Goelitz and remains family owned and operated today. David Klein, the sponsor of the “treasure hunt” contest gaining attention within the media this weekend, is not associated with Jelly Belly Candy Company, its brands, or products. In 1976, Mr. Klein, an independent third party, came up with the name “Jelly Belly” and other novel marketing ideas. Jelly Belly Candy Company has not had a relationship with Mr. Klein since 1980 when it acquired the trademark.”

To which, Klein and his business associate released this updated video:

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