Massive Pumpkin vs Car. It Appears the Pumpkin Won in a Crushing Defeat

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What a huge, successful, fundraiser for the Saskatoon Firefighters Pediatric Fund!

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INJOFor some reason, people have an affinity for smashing pumpkins.

Whether it's the iconic “Punkin Chunkin” event at county fairs or even naming your band The Smashing Pumpkins, people love to watch these fruits explode.

With that said, a group of people recently took the concept of smashing pumpkins to the next level when they decided to see how one would fair when dropped on a car.

The Black Fox Farm & Distillery in Saskatoon, Canada, gathered its largest pumpkin at the annual pumpkin festival and held an event with the proceeds going to their fire department and pediatric unit.

And the way they raised money was by filling a 1,300-pound pumpkin with candy, raising it into the air with a crane, and dropping it on a car.

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