Mandy Moore Posts Raw Photo From Hospital Bed After Endoscopy

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Mandy Moore, the famous actress and singer-songwriter, recently underwent a medical procedure that she documented online.

Although she started as a singer in 1999, Mandy also has some serious acting chops.

The 33-year-old is famous for her roles in A Walk to Remember and This Is Us. She also voiced Rapunzel in Disney’s animated film Tangled!

As people all over the country have fallen in love with her This Is Us character, Rebecca Pearson, more and more fans have started to follow Mandy’s career.

Mandy has 1.5 million followers on Instagram, and she keeps her fans updated on what she’s doing in her professional and personal life.

Recently, Mandy shared a very personal experience on her Instagram story, explaining that she had just had an upper endoscopy to see if she has celiac disease.

Celiac is an immune disease that affects the small intestine, and it is very serious. The only way to get an official diagnosis is by having an endoscopy.


 Wikimedia / Mingle MediaTV

Famous actress and singer Mandy Moore likes to keep her fans updated on her life through social media.

Although much of what she posts is about her life as a star, sometimes she opens up a bit more about her personal life.

 Instagram / @mandymooremm

Many celebrities don’t tell their fans when they’re having health issues, but Mandy goes against the grain to keep her followers in the loop.

Last month, Mandy asked for help dealing with a black eye she got, and now she’s alerting people to another health issue.

 Instagram / @mandymooremm

On October 7, 2017, Mandy shared an Instagram story with her followers.

In the link below, she’s wearing a hospital gown and a hairnet — it’s clear that she’s just had a procedure done.

Photo: Little Things


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