Win A New Harley Davidson Forty Eight

Are you prepared to win the River’s new 2017 Harley Davidson 48 from Harley Davidson of Folsom and Rocklin??

It could be yours!! A 1200 CC Evolution V-Twin motor… gleaming chrome… hard candy red and black paint and the low throaty rumble and roar…

They’re nothing else like a Harley and here’s all the noise you need to know to make that bad boy yours…

Simply listen to The River for the Harley sounder and your que to call every weekday (starting this Monday) in the 8am, 10am, 2pm and 5 pm hours….

And all of our qualifiers will pick up this kickass long sleeve “can’t buy” shirt just for qualifying to win the Harley! (see below). Each qualifier will get their shirt on Saturday, October 7th when we determine who will drive away with the Harley Davidson 48!

And our Grand Prize winner will receive a Motorcycle Safety Class. (C.M.S.P) California Motorcyclist Safety Program. Safety Center has offered this class for more than 20 years it will help our Grand Prize winner (if they don’t have one already) to get their license and likely lower their insurance premium!  

To learn more about this safety course, click here

Keep listening for your chances to qualify for the Harley on 93.7 the River. 


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