Baseball's new rules expose idiotic thinking


Recently the commissioner of baseball proposed rules changes to increase the "pace" of the game of baseball. 

I know what you're thinking, "I am not into baseball. Who cares?" 

Well, this blog entry isn't really about baseball. It is more about how ridiculous people are. Especially people who are in charge. 

I get the commissioner's desire to speed up the game. After all, football's a lot quicker game and their TV ratings are tanking. The NBA even discussed shortening the game because of the millennial attention span

But, how did the commish come up with these rules changes?

As far as I can tell, the commissioner dreamed up these rules in his basement. The rules he's suggesting came out of nowhere and they suck. He didn't ask anyone if they wanted new rules. He didn't poll or survey fans to get their feedback. Nope, HE came in with his half-baked ideas. 

Do you know what happened when he announced his rule changes? The fans hated the changes, 9 to 1. That stat is a guess, but I bet you it is correct. The players hated the changes TOO! 

This happens ALL THE TIME! People "in charge" make changes to a product without asking the users/fans/consumers for any input. They also do it by convincing themselves they're right.

It's insane and it happens all the time. 

Let me give you one example of the proposed rules. Mr. Commissioner wants the pitchers to just "call" intentional walk instead of throwing four pitches. 

This rule would make the game nice and quick...and a lot less exciting. Literally everyone who enjoys the game could have told us this will improve the pace at the cost of excitement. 

Know-it-allism kills people. 



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