If you've been following us on social media (Facebook, vine, Twitter, ustream, instagram, etc) you know the JACK-FM crew spent most of Thursday driving down to San Diego for Comic-Con...and what a long and exhausting trip it was.

We managed to plan our trip so we hit L.A. traffic at exactly 5pm. But, despite our poor planning, we finally made it into San Diego before 9pm. We got checked into our hotel, then hit the town so we could take some pictures that give you sample of what is going on here.

My favorite photo is the picture above. It all my favorite things about this convention rolled into one snapshot. And no it's NOT just the fact there is a very sexy Batgirl in the picture. It's the nerds, superheros, spectacle, and the fact that these people just seemed to be having fun.

Here are our picture from the close of night 1. More to follow. I'll check in again tomorrow ...ALL DAY tomorrow. Keep your eyes here. We'll give you a taste of San Diego Comic-Con from the comfort of Sacramento.

I'm tired, I'll talk to you guys more later.