Dear Jackheads,

This Thursday we embark on a mission to San Diego Comic-Con. If you haven't ever heard of Comic-Con, then "A' you probably have a healthy social life, or "B," see "A."

Either way, Comic-Con is a huge pop culture convention that covers everything from comics to the boob tube to the silver screen. Nerds, dorks, geeks and pop culture lovers alike gather to celebrate superheroes and the world of fantasy.

A lot of convention goers will dress up. Surprisingly, some of these geeky babes are quite easy on the eyes.

Along with the eye candy, there are also a lot of famous people hawking their new movies and TV shows. They usually preview their new project to the public. And give away free swag.

Now you know a little bit about Comic-Con. Our mission is to bring some of the Comic-Con experience back to Sacramento to you. We'll share all our pics from the uncomfortable ride down to the floor of the convention. Maybe we'll even show you Brian from Promotions passed out after drinking too much Wookie juice.

Follow us on the journey Jackheads; we might even have a little something for you when we return. But, don't rush us at the door when we get home, let us put our feet up for a little while before souvenir time.

Your pal, Eddie the Web Guy

P.S.- Please make a 9 hour ride with Brian from Promotions and worth while - visit this page!