I've been having fun watching the Sochi Olympics. More than I thought I would.  I'll give you 3 Reasons I Love the Sochi Winter Olympics:

1) Wolves!!! This is video footage from an olympian who found a wolf in their dorm. ***UPDATE I guess Jimmy Kimmel got us again. I don't know what to make of these.

2) Amazing Action!

Yes these photos are mostly wipeouts, in fact, all of them are wipeouts. But, that means they're going all out - lotsa action!

By the way.... I do hope all of these people are OK. That would really screw with my Karma if they aren't. Also, I hope these photos are from practice rounds...  I think what I am saying is... that I hope they all got golds. Whew, karma restored! 

3) Hot/Cute Olympians

For me it's the women of the olympics, but ladies I don't want to leave you out. So, I'll leave this here for you while I talk about my Olympic crushes. Starting with... Olympic hockey hero T.J. Oshie's girlfriend.

Also, see my Feb. 12th post for more on this crucial point!