A can of pork and beans thrown at the truck of masked burglars as they fled a robbery led police in Hawaii to arrest two suspects. The can was hurled at the truck's window by victim Claudine Prados, but bounced off and landed in the back bed of the vehicle. Less than half an hour later police found a truck matching the description provided by Claudine, with the can of pork and beans still in the back.

Police arrested suspects Jack Vaughn, of Kailua-Kona, and Dustin Jose, of Kealakekua, for assault, burglary and robbery. They are still seeking a third suspect. Claudine had been watching TV at her home when the burglars burst in wearing ski masks. She grabbed a meat cleaver from the kitchen to protect her son, but two of the intruders attacked the boy's father.

Claudine told a local newspaper: "It was like a total waste of time for them. All they left with was a purse with no money and a kid's backpack with clothes.

Picture by: Tim Wright / Splash News