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The Chainsmokers have brought the word "selfie" to life with their hit song "#SELFIE." The addictive new tune is taking over the radio airwaves, and has inspired many to whip out their camera-phones to indulge in everyone's guilty pleasure, sparking a massive #SELFIE-posting frenzy on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. So how did this song come to life?

Drew and Alex tell iHeartRadio, "We were talking and we were like 'it'd be really funny to make a #SELFIE song that right before the drop says 'Let me take a selife.' We were gonna put it out as a free edit, we were like 'it would be hilarious to have this chick that was talking about being in the club,' and like we live in New York City and go out a lot, so we had all these ideas about funny lines that she could say. We had our friend Alexis over and basically [said] 'alright say something about Instagram' and she just delivered like every line perfectly."

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We asked them if they could photobomb any celebrity's #SELFIE, which celebrity would they choose, and they told us either Justin Bieber or Kendall Jenner!

The guys have a lot more in store. They are currently on their #SELFIE tour, but are working on a lot of new original music. They tell iHeartRadio that they just signed a record deal, but also have quite a few remixes on the way. They've already remixed artists like Bastille and NoNoNo, and say if they could remix anybody, they would choose Drake.

The Chainsmokers stopped by iHeartRadio HQ recently, where they showed us all of the most obnoxious #SELFIES found on social media today. Check it out below:

The Duck Face #SELFIE




The Bathroom Mirror #SELFIE


The Sleeping/#IWokeUpLikeThis #SELFIE


The #OOTD (Outfit of the Day) #SELFIE


The secret #SELFIE/Something weird in the background #SELFIE - This particular shot could also double as the "Risque" #SELFIE 





Check out their song "#SELFIE" below! 

Photo Credit Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio