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Vince Neil isn't part of the cast for the next installment of "The Celebrity Apprentice." 

The rocker is denying the report, which appeared in Norm Clarke's column in "The Las Vegas Review-Journal." 

In his denial Neil calls Clarke a "loser wannabe reporter" that he hasn't "seen or talked to in over two years."  However, Vince does admit he's "talked to the show," but says "that's it."  He adds that he'd like to sign on, saying if he got an offer he'd accept because it "sounds fun." 

If Neil joined the cast of Donald Trump's NBC reality show, he certainly wouldn't be the first rocker to compete on the show.  Previous seasons have included Meat Loaf and Twisted Sister's Dee Snider, while Poison's Bret Michaels was the show's Season Three winner. 

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