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 Ozzy Osbourne has more to celebrate than his new hit album with Black Sabbath.  The rocker and his wife, Sharon, are said to be back under the same roof.  The couple had taken separate residences earlier this year, when Ozzy's substance abuse became more than Sharon was willing to live with. 

At the time she said she wouldn't return to her husband until he'd demonstrated that he was truly committed to remaining sober.  And Ozzy has apparently succeeded in doing so. says the couple was seen at Sunday's Daytime Emmy Awards, and even kissed for the cameras on the red carpet.  They left the event together as well. 

But Sharon is taking some additional steps to assist in Ozzy in his sobriety efforts.  She's reportedly enlisted the services of a "sober team" who will keep track of Ozzy's activities and keep him away from temptations to fall off the wagon again. 

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