If you haven't tired of hearing about Rachel Dolezal—the woman who was born white but now identifies as black— Ijeoma Oluo has penned "The Heart of Whiteness," a new piece for the Stranger that Jezebel calls "so good we never have to think about [Dolezal] again." 

Oluo flew out to Spokane, Wash., to interview Dolezal, who just published a new memoir and now calls herself Nkechi Amare Diallo, a fact that rubs Oluo the wrong way (Nkechi is her Nigerian-born sister's name) before they even meet. 

But Oluo decides to give the story a go, meeting in her subject's home for a conversation that ends up evolving into an often uncomfortable, sometimes cringeworthy exposé on Dolezal's thoughts on race appropriation, authenticity, and what Oluo calls "The Question": "How is her racial fluidity anything more than a function of her privilege as a white person?"

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