Construction on Highway 50 will soon be wrapping up, and Regional Transit is hoping to hold on to its new riders.

RT has seen a system-wide increase in ridership of 6 percent over the last couple of months, that adds up to about 2,000 extra commuters a day, commuters that General Manager Mike Wiley doesn't want to lose. 

"Fortunately for us, during most of this period, our service has been extremely reliable," Wiley said. 

He says there's been a concentrated effort over the last few months to make the light rail experience as smooth as possible, and open up some eyes.

"There's always a number of perceptions that people have" about crime or harassment. 

Security has been increased at night and guards have been told to function much more like station attendants.

Wiley says that will continue and sees Fix 50 as a test for a changing downtown.

With the introduction of the arena and then all of the new development, we now know that extra trains can run on existing tracks, with no problems, Wiley said.