What is the W-X Project and what does it mean to you? Commuters, you better know this.  

The stretch of Highway 50 from the east end of the Pioneer Bridge to the Capital City Freeway interchange runs between W and X streets through Sacramento.  

The W-X Project is slated to repair the bridges and over crossings along this route, roughly from 18th Street to 24th Street starting in May.  

Use, age and deferred maintenance have worn the freeway spans and cracked the supports holding up the freeway.  

Caltrans will be laying new concrete over the existing roadway and shoring up the span columns to bring them up to seismic code.  

Night work is also going to be performed on the Pioneer Bridge, as Caltrans works to replace worn steel pins that hold the structure together.  

While this is going on, a traffic nightmare is being predicted, but it's hoped with advanced planning by drivers using alternate routes and alternative forms of transportation to get downtown, the chaos can be held to a minimum.