Cal Fire is getting ready to destroy hundreds-of-thousands of illegal fireworks, however it comes with an expensive price tag.

And officials say they don't have enough money to destroy future stockpiles. 

Right now, in secret bunkers around the state, there are roughly 300,000 pounds of illegal fireworks getting ready to be shipped out of California to be destroyed.

But according to Cal Fire, the problem is, there is no future money to help destroy future stockpiles. 

Contra Costa County Fire Marshal Robert Marshall, speaking with News10, says they've confiscated 3,000 pounds if illegal fireworks last week alone and will be storing them until they receive more funding. 

"We have to be careful about where we store it, how we store it, how we transport it, all of those kinds of things. It becomes problematic after a while, particularly when we're talking about a ton and a half of fireworks," Marshall said. 

It costs $6 to ship one-pound of fireworks.

The Office of the State Fire Marshall will recieve a one-time payment of $1.5 million from the Department of Toxic Substances to destroy the 300,000 pounds of fireworks. 

A proposal to impose a 10-cent tax on safe and sane fireworks stalled in the California Legislature this summer.