People like Donald Sterling tend to have a lot of people working for them, and included in that group are things like financial advisors, brokers, and public relations experts.

If you, however, were the LA Clippers PR agent, what would you tell him in light of the racist comments that he's admitted now to saying and the fact that his fellow NBA owners want him out?

"I think he needs to come out, make an apology, sell the Clippers, and quietly begin doing good things that hopefully rectify a career of doing bad things," said Nick Ragone.

Ragone, the director of Ketchum PR's Washington DC office, spoke with the KFBK Morning News, and they asked him if he thought the 80-year-old Sterling might take this to the court of law and try to keep it there?

"You can litigate your way out of court.  He's done that, and he's done it well.  You can't litigate your way out of the court of public opinion.  The verdict is in on it, and he needs to realize that," Ragone said.

If HE was Donald Sterling, what would Ragone do post NBA?

"I would try to dedicate my life to being a better person."