As more aerial sprayings for West Nile virus are scheduled over the Davis and Woodland area, two more deaths have been reported, raising the total number of deaths from West Nile in California to four.

County health officials say two 65-year-old men from Stanislaus County have died from the West Nile virus.

This comes after the reported death of a 74-year-old woman in Sacramento County and an adult in Shasta County.    

Dr. Ron Chapman from the California Department of Public Health says the young and elderly are the most at risk. 

"They tend to be higher risk for getting serious complications from the West Nile virus. And, unfortunately, their deaths could have been prevented," Chapman said. 

Chapman says people should use DEET or an insect repellent when they're out of their homes.

Avoid staying outside in the early mornings and evenings because that is when mosquitoes are most active. 

So far this year, the virus has been detected in nearly 40 counties statewide.