Photo credit: Mike Simpson KFBK

A few tense minutes ticked by for a driver this afternoon while his van hung over the Cap City Freeway while he was still inside.

The driver of the van said a red or maroon sedan side-swiped his vehicle, pushing it into and partially over the guardrail and then took off.

Battalion Chief Rich Rethford with Sac City Fire says the van was travling on Marconi when it was hit on the left side by another vehicle, forcing it into a fence right over the freeway off the Marconi overpass,

"He did get caught with the chain link fence, so he was kinda dangling there.  The back tires were there only thing and the back of of the van was above street level at Marconi, but the rest of the vehicle over the edge, hanging over the number three lane of the westbound Business 80" said Rethford.

Photo credit: Mike Simpson KFBK

He said lanes were closed on the freeway as emergency crews rushed in to help, first getting a hold of the van,

"We had it secured and we were able to make access into it.  The guy was conscious and alert and was able to self extricate him once we secured the vehicle so it wouldn't drop down onto the freeway.  He was able with our assistance to crawl out the back of the van and come to safety and he's uninjured," said the Chief.

A tow truck pulled the van back onto Marconi, however, traffic is expected to be slow in that area at least into the late afternoon hours.