The freshman class at several University of California schools will have an even larger number of out-of-staters this fall, but that means fewer seats for local kids.

And that is causing some to ask if locals are losing out on the opportunity to enroll in schools like U.C. Davis, while school officials believe everybody is a winner with this kind of student enrollment.  

In fact, reports from the various U.C. schools show big dollars flowed in during the last school year from students coming places like China and India -- well over $450 million across the nine campuses.  

UC Davis spent the most to recruit the non-resident students -- $1.2 million -- but reportedly brought in $40 million in fees as a result.

School admission personnel nearly all say the money is needed given state budget cuts during the recession.  One also told the Sacramento Bee that out-of-country students also have the added benefit of contributing to diversity on campus.