Maybe not the best timing -- the UC system is rolling out a new social media campaign to raise money at the same time as they're announcing they will be paying nearly $10,000 dollars a month for their new president's residence. is the UC Systems new fundraising campaign which works by setting a dollar amount and engaging social media to help raise the money. 

"The idea is of course to raise money, but also to engage people to get people thinking about UC who might not otherwise be thinking about it," Steve Montiel with the UC President's Office said.

Montiel also discussed the fact that the university will pay to house incoming President Janet Napolitano.  

"Any funding for these residences is from a private endowment that was set up decades ago, there are no state funds involved, and no tuition money involved," Montiel said.

Currently the University is looking to spend nearly $10,000 a month on housing for Napolitano who takes over at the end of the month.