Christopher Johnson poses with his invention in a local Wal-Mart store. Photo courtesy of Christopher Johnson. 

SACRAMENTO -- A local entrepeneur's invention and indominable spirit has won him a spot on the ABC reality show "Shark Tank."

Christopher Johnson will pitch his Rapid Ramen idea to a group of powerful self made millionaires. He says a few things contributed to his success.

"I have to choose between doubt and faith. And I can't choose both. And I went on and pushed this thing, and put every bit of me to make this thing happen," Johnson said.  

Johnson says within three days of making that commitment to himself and his invention, the Rapid Ramen went viral on AOL getting more than 300,000 hits a day.

The Rapid Ramen works because of its rectangular design. It cuts cooking time from 12 minutes to four, and uses half as much water, according to the product's website. 

The Rapid Ramen Microwave cooker is assembled and packaged in Sacramento and available nationwide for around $10 bucks.

You can see Johnson on Shark Tank tonight on ABC at 9 p.m.