Sacramento Metro Fire crews responded to a 9-1-1 call just before one o'clock on Wednesday.

Captain Bryan Thompson said they found an aluminum shed fully engulfed in flames behind an elderly-couple's single-story home and the blaze was extending to another shed, a boat, and part of the house,

"Crews were able to pull a line, extinguish the fire, and stop the fire from spreading farther into the house."

They also kept the fire from spreading to the house next door, but not before putting a scare into neighbor Kevin Robinson-Hard who was just returning home at the time,

"We came down Alta-Arden, and I couldn't get onto my street and I saw smoke coming out, and I thought my house caught on fire."

Robinson-Hard didn't seem too concerned about his front door, which had been kicked in by firefighters in their effort to make sure his home was safe.

Click here for photos from the scene.