In El Dorado County, a tug-o-war continues over growth.  

In fact, the November ballot is going be filled with growth initiatives for residents to consider.

It's a big question if you live in places like El Dorado Hills, Shingle Springs or Pollock Pines.

Developers are among those who want to build more home projects, which would bring in tax revenue to the county.

Others say growth should be limited, so they support tightening restrictions already in place because of voter approved Measure Y.

This fall, Measure M continues the Measure Y restrictions, but requires Caltrans count the cars and not the county -- there's a trust issue apparently.  

Meaure N would extend the traffic mitigation fees builders have to pay for 25 years, and Measure O is supposed to protect specific communities like Camino by amending the El Dorado County general plan.

Get more info on the Measures that will appear on November's ballot, here.