If you're planning on having a live Christmas tree this year, here are a few important reminders to make sure your tree lasts throughout the season, and doesn't turn into a major fire hazard.

Whether you cut it down your self, or buy it from a lot, after you get it home it is important to cut off about an inch from the bottom of the stump and get it into water right away, Rick Rimshaw with Davis Ranch said.

He says some folks just don't follow that first step.

"It will shoot pitch out, and it won't pick any more water up, and it will dry out quick. You gotta house normal temperature, 70 degrees and there's no humidity... it goes," he said.

However, Rimshaw says if you realize early enough that the tree isn't sucking up water, you can cut off another inch from the stump. That should get things flowing again.

See a map of Christmas tree farms in the Sacramento region.