Timber thieves are continuing to target California's treasured Redwood trees, going after their burls.

Redwood burls, which grow at the base of the giant trees can sprout another redwood if the burl is removed, or falls off.  

Jeff Bomke is sector manager for California State Parks of the Redwood Coast. 

"These trees are priceless. There is only 5 percent of the remaining old-growth Redwood forests since the time of Western settlement and to see them injured in this manner is very disturbing," Bomke said. 

Bomke says thieves are not only going after burls on trees that have fallen, they are also taking down standing trees to get to burls.  

A single burl can hold the DNA of trees that have been growing for 20,000 years.  

Redwood National and State Parks close the road through the park each night and there are increased patrols.