The millions who tuned into the NFL draft Thursday night might have been left with some unanswered questions. Not just how teams were serious about guys named "Clowney," and, "Ha-Ha," but how they magically made the right jersey appear on cue.

As the Packers' top pick came forward, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell greeted him with a Packers cap and Jersey bearing number one and the name Clinton Dix.  That was that way with every first round pick last night, so, how'd they do that?

According to the New York Times it was all in the timing and plenty of pre-draft preparation. Nike furnished the Jerseys for every NFL team and behind the curtain at Radio City, representatives from Stahl's a company that personalizes the NFL jerseys sold to the public were hard at work.

Getting about a two-minute jump on the commissioners announcement of each teams pick, workers use a thermal press and transfer the names of the draftees from pre-ordered plates. So far it's working, but sooner or later some team may take a flyer on a player projected to go later in the draft.

He'll have to wait to get the name on his jersey