Are you shopping online today? A new survey shows you probably are, as well as where you are probably doing it.

Trae Bodge with says a vast majority of Americans will be shopping online on this Cyber Monday.

"What we also found is that about a quarter of consumers intend to spend about half of their work day shopping online on Cyber Monday," Bodge said. 

And at least 86 percent will at least take a quick glance while on the job.

Bodge discourages this and says you have plenty of time.

"Cyber Monday is a 24 hour shopping holiday, so take advantage of it when you can because there are great deals, but try not to spend too much time at work doing that," she said. 

And she says there's no need to worry about limited stock when shopping online.

And if you are planning on nabbing some great deals today, make sure you don't regret it on Tuesday.

Today is prime time for online deals and online scammers and the Better Business Bureau is out with some tips to keep you and your bank account safe.

First is avoiding the usual phishing emails or texts that seem too good to be true or that claims problems with an order or account and want you to verify info -- pick up the phone if that's the case.

Stick to websites with a padlock on the webpage address bar and if you're using your phone to shop, put a passcode on it. If it gets stolen or goes missing, that theif could continue your shopping spree.