Eating food that's not very healthy is something a lot of kids do, but new research indicates they're being encouraged to eat poorly by top athletes.

Researchers at Yale University say they've found a majority of the food and beverages being endorsed by high-profile athletes are for sports drinks, soft drinks and fast food.  

The study found that about 80 percent of the food and drinks endorsed by top athletes are low in nutrients and high in calories and sugar. 

"I think it is important for kids to realize that to be able to perform at your best, you have to eat a healthy diet," Dietitian Laura Jeffers said.

Jeffers and other doctors say parents need to remind kids to do things in moderation and that to perform at your best, you need to eat a healthy diet. 

Among the athletes named in the study were the Miami Heat's Lebron James, who peddles McDonald's and Coca-Cola.

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