Stockton's Mayor Anthony Silva has turned in his badges.

When Silva bought a number of very official looking badges for his security detail, he had no idea he might be running afoul of a law in his own town.  

Silva pays for his own security, because he visits Stockton's most troubled neighborhoods.  

But the district attorney's office is looking into whether he possibly violated city code.  

Silva's decision to buy those badges stirred up controversy because they look very similar to the badges actual Stockton Police Officers wear.  

Residents call the badges inappropriate and confusing.  

Silva is calling the investigation a big distraction from the real issues facing the bankrupt city of Stockton. 

Here's Mayor Silva's statement regarding the badges:

"I am disappointed but not surprised at the level of attention my private purchase has caused. I have done nothing wrong but am concerned about the level of public resources that will be wasted in order to prove that. Because of that, and because I believe our City has more pressing issues to focus on right now, I have decided not to fight this fight. Instead, in an effort to save precious public resources, I have turned the badges over to the Police Department for safe keeping while we conduct additional research to ensure that the security company I use in the future has met all requirements of the municipal code. I hope this brings this issue to an end so we can give our full attention to exiting bankruptcy, reducing crime, and creating jobs."