The Uncle of the lone survivor from a family involved in that fatal car accident in Lodi Tuesday night opened up to the media providing an official statement.

Felipe Miranda, speaking through a translator, thanked eveyone in the United States as well as in Mexico for their prayers and expressions of affection, 

"The most important thing for us now is the health of Eden, which is reported to be stable, but he is still not out of danger."

Meanwhile, the Mexican consulate is working on setting up a trust fund for young 9-year-old AY-den Miranda to help cover medical expenses as well as to help him get the right footing as he continues his life with out his parents and his siblings.

"We are also focused on the transportation to Mexico of the bodies of our family members, where our families are waiting to give them a holy burial according to our traditions."

Mexican officials are also working on returning the bodies of Luis, Viviana, Irving, Jose and Stephanie to Mexico where their family is waiting.

The full statement is available below:

Statement from Felipe Miranda.pdf