The decision to cancel this year's Gold Rush Days Festival over concerns of water conservation is not sitting well with the mayor and some city councilmembers. 

Mayor Kevin Johnson wants to know why the old Western themed festival had to be canceled.

During a city council meeting, the mayor and multiple councilmembers expressed how unhappy they are with City Manager John Shirey's decision to cancel the festival scheduled for the upcoming Labor Day weekend. 

Every year, the streets of Old Sacramento are covered in dirt to recreate the old west and to provide cushion for actors and horses pulling wagons.

And to keep all that dirt in place, over 3,000 gallons of water are used a day, plus an additional 100,000 gallons to wash away the dirt. 

Mayor Johnson says the city council and members in the community should have had some input on the decision.

The Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau says they're developing a Plan-B for the weekend that could include live music, movie screenings and a pub crawl.