Whatever led to Solange Knowles' attack against Jay Z may already be water under the bridge for the two in-laws.  TMZ reports that just one day after footage of the scuffle leaked on Monday, the two were spotted shopping for women's jewelry at the luxury New York jeweler, Mr. Flawless.  

TMZ's Mike Walters says he's starting to hear whispers about what led Solange to go after Jay Z in an elevator at the Standard Hotel during an after-party for the Met Gala last week.

"Whatever happened outside that elevator door, Jay-Z wanted to get out of there, he wanted to leave the Met-Ball.  He wanted to get Beyonce and her sister out of there and the reaction started because Solange didn't like being ordered around," Walters said.

The Tuesday shopping session reportedly lasted about 20 minutes.  Jay Z and Solange apparently exchanged few words as they browsed, but didn't show any signs of the clash that has had the world talking.