Following yesterday's earthquake experts are expecting even bigger tremors to hit Chile sometime in the future.  

Does that mean we can expect the same here?

The short answer is, there's no connection between the faults near Chile and those in Northern California.

"So there's nothing to worry about at that level, whatsoever," Dr. Gerald Bawden with the U.S. Geological Survey said. 

Bawden says the only worry for California from distant earthquakes in the Pacific is a tsunami.  

"Tsunamis are the biggest threat that we have to worry about in California from earthquakes in Chile," he said. 

However, according to recent research there's a 65 percent chance of having a large earthquake -- a magnitude 6.5 or larger -- on the Hayward fault line, which is in the East Bay, Bawden said. 

"We've accumulated enough strain, enough energy on the fault that it could actually release into a moderate size earthquake. In a population like the East Bay, it would cause some serious damage," he said. 

But he does admit forecasting is an inexact science.