September 11, 2013 -- Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department issued a search warrant for the 3200 block of U Street in Rio Linda, where they found close to 100 plants, 10-12 feet tall and 8-10 feet in circumference.

SACRAMENTO -- Rio Linda, North Highlands, Antelope: The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department has been cracking down on marijuana grows.

Just a day after thousands of plants were found in a corn field in Natomas, the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department today found two more separate grow locations.

About 100 hearty plants were found at a home along U Street in Rio Linda today. Not too far away, two homes were searched in Antelope and North Highlands, and at least 70 more plants were found.

Several people were detained and at least a truckload was taken from one of the locations. Sheriff's spokesman Sergeant Jason Ramos didn't put a dollar figure on the bust, but says the plants were market ready.

"Fully bloomed, nearly 8- to 10-foot high marijuana plants. You know, you break that up and providing that you package it for sale, you stand to make a decent amount of money from this," Ramos said.

A number of arrests were made in today's busts.