A Ukraine aid bill is moving forward in the Senate. 

A bill giving Ukraine one-billion dollars in energy loan guarantees cleared a key procedural hurdle, 78-17. A final vote could come by midweek. 

The Senate bill also contains reforms to the International Monetary Fund that are being pushed by the White House. House Republican leaders do not want to include the IMF reforms so differences would have to be resolved before a Ukraine aid bill can be sent to the President for his signature.  

The White House claims the IMF reforms will streamline more aid to Ukraine. The House has already passed a bill authorizing the energy loan guarantees for Ukraine and may try to move a bill this week boosting sanctions against Russia. 

President Obama is in Europe all week for talks with other world leaders and the crisis in Ukraine is dominating discussion. The U.S. and allies have already imposed some sanctions on Russia for annexing Crimea and more sanctions are threatened.