One of California's Secretary of State candidates is calling for oversight in the wake of recent scandals in the State Senate. 

Saying it's a matter of "common sense," Derrick Cressman, a former Vice-President with the government watchdog organization "Common Cause," is calling for the formation of an independent ethics commission with full subpoena power.

Cressman says, "At the federal level, we've had it filled with retired members of congress. I think that would be a model we could look at here. Retired judges - people that are somewhat removed from the day to day politics of the Legislature and can be more objective."

"Common Cause" led a similar effort in Colorado which was approved by voters in 2006. Cressman says it could also serve as a model for California.

Cressman raised the issue with Democratic Senator Darrell Steinberg at a town hall meeting Tuesday morning.