Some Sacramento residents are looking for a new place to live after they found out the home they leased wasn't actually for rent.

Officer Doug Morse with the Sacramento Police Department says they were called out to a house on Bronco Creek Court yesterday on a report that there were squatters. Police arrived to find some very confused folks who said they rented the home from a real estate agent.

"Someone actually moved into that house under the presumption that individual was the legitimate listing agent and there actually was some money exchanged and by the time we got involved obviously it was rented under fraudulent means," Morse said.

A deposit and first month's rent had been handed over to the fake agent too, according to Officer Morse, and at this point it's all about trying to find the disappearing scammer,

"It's one of those situations where the individual just disappears.  So we're hoping to track that person down and hopefully get some answers as to how this occurred."

Morse says he doesn't know where the victims will live in the meantime.