They said they just wanted to help.  An elderly Rancho Cordova couple has been scammed out of their savings.

It happened outside of a grocery store.  A man saying he was from Africa approached the pair, who's names we're not printing.

"He said I just need a ride to the motel, I don't know the area," said the 90-year-old World War II vet.

So he and his wife got in the car and ended up being sweet talked. The scammer said he had an inheritence and wanted them to give it out to charity, if they could withdrawl their own cash to prove they didn't need the money.

"Oh he seemed like an angel, you liked him, he was nice..."

The man and a partner kept the couple driving, wearing them down, collecting $12,000 before leaving them with scraps of paper.

Police say a simple call to one of the couple's sons likely would have frightened the scammers off.