Saying it's the fast and cheapest solution, the San Juan Unified board is accepting the resignation of Superintendent Glynn Thompson instead of firing him over allegations he bullied female priniciples and other district employees.

Thompson was place on paid leave in May, and a seven month investigation by an outside firm found most of the allegations were true.

It also found to be true two allegations that board member Larry Masuoka refused to listen to employees who complained about Thompson. That investigation has cost the district $177,000, so far.

Thompson will continue to be paid until his retirement date.

It's unclear if his contract allows to escape financial responsibility for legal claims against the district.

It's also unclear what will happen to Masuoka, though one person at today's board meeting threatened a recall effort against the entire board.

The people who claim they were victimized by Thompson are not satisfied with today's decision to accept his resignation instead of firing him.

"Absolutely thrilled that he's gone ... but this is a lot of money that the district is still going to be putting out, and I think it needs to stop," she said. 

Thompson will be paid approximately $20,000 in salary and benefits before his resignation takes effect. There are also bad feelings about the investigation.

"I just didn't understand why it has taken them so long to make a decision," another woman said.

At least one alleged victim is vowing a recall of the entire San Juan Unified board.