The Salvation Army has started a program that helps middle school kids in South Sacramento learn and develop their skills to become video game designers. 

The program is called Project A-Game and it allows kids get a head start in a field that's quickly becoming a valuable asset is the 21st century.

The program not only teaches kids how to develop their own games, but also a valuable lesson.

Salvation Army Program Director Sonja Stires says they're also learning about being healthy.

"The desire of this program is to build healthy communities, and so the games a focus on healthy lifestyles, how to actually make changes around health in a community," 

12-year-old Harlen Gonzalez is part of the program.

"I learned that being healthy is key, and we learned how to make a video game based on being healthy so far,"  Gonzalez said. 

The California Endowment is funding the program for two years and if successful and with enough funds, the program has the possibility to grow.

For more information call 916.469.4630