While the city isn't facing an immediate crisis, a lack of precipitation and critically low water levels at Folsom Reservoir have the City of Sacramento asking residents to voluntarily conserve water.

In addition to the voluntary request, The Department of Utilities plans to begin increasing existing water-waste patrols and enforcement of wintertime watering restrictions.  They're also preparing to make a recommendation to City Council that could potentially include mandated water conservation measures,

"I would look to see, ultimately, we would look to see how successful our voluntary campaign is.  We'll have to track the weather, and whether the Folsom reservoir is filling up, and ultimately we'll see what sort of response we get from the citizens of the city of Sacramento," said Water Conservation Administrator William Granger.

Granger continued to say that the utilities department plans to have their recommendation in time for the Council's January 7th meeting.  The city of Folsom has already mandated a 20% water-use reduction for its residents.