If you think the air has been a little cleaner in the Sacramento region in recent months, you're right. Seems like we're getting a little help. 

The word from Sacramento's Air Quality Management district is that conditions are much improved this summer.  

Spokeswoman Jamie Arno says favorable weather patterns are a major reason.

"We haven't really seen the high temperatures, when we have seen high temperatures, or temperatures where we would normally expect to ozone, we've had wind. That really cleans things out," Arno said. 

And, even while we're getting help from Mother Nature, you can do your part to continue the cleaner air trend. 

"The No. 1 thing is to reduce driving by doing simple things like bringing your lunch to work, planning your route, instead of going to the store and home and the store and work, make a loop and link those trips," she said. 

Refueling after sunset, avoiding the use of charcoal lighter fluid and using electric-powered tools will also help keep air quality readings in the good to moderate range where they've been most of the summer.