The Sacramento Sheriff's Department is looking at connecting to your neighborhood through social media. 

It starts with partnering with 

"Why isn't there a service that helps us connect with those right outside our front door?" CEO Nirav Tolia says. "That was the inspiration for Nextdoor - to bring back that sense of community to your neighborhood." 

The site uses your address to connect you to others in your neighborhood, and Sergeant Lisa Bowman says the department can use these groups to get out important information.

"A burglary series that seems to target a specific neighborhood or perhaps there's some information we can get out to specific neighborhoods regarding maybe a missing child, a missing person, who happens to be at risk," Bowman said.

Sheriff's Scott Jones statement from

I'd like to invite residents of NextDoor neighborhoods in Sacramento County to join me in partnering together to make our communities stronger and safer. I am keenly aware of the benefits of collaboration between local law enforcement and the communities that we serve. I look forward to using NextDoor to create partnerships and to provide the residents of Sacramento County neighborhoods with timely and helpful information related to the work that the Sheriff's Department does. As your Sheriff, I thank all of you who demonstrate a commitment to the well being of your neighborhoods, and your desire to work together in an effort to develop and foster relationships within your communities.

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