The Sacramento County Grand Jury is calling for an audit of the Herald Fire Protection District.

The report, dated June 28, cites irresponsible oversight of the District's Financial Affairs; says the fire chief is not properly managing personnel; and the board is not implementing sound governmental policies -- especially when it comes to finances.

The report also says the Fire Chief Chris McGranahan viewed photos of nude and scantily-clad women on his work computer, that were then e-mailed to another firefighter who claimed to be offended.  

The report recommends an initial review, then annual audits of the district's finances; the establishment of adequate internal accounting controls; and a comprehensive review and update of the District's Master Plan.

The Grand Jury is also suggesting the possibility of consolidating the district's fire and emergency services with another fire district. 

While no one was able to offer comment at this time, we're told the Herald District is currently drafting a response to the allegations, which is due on July 31.

Herald is a town of about 1,200 people along State Route 104 in southern Sacramento County. It's a little more than five miles northeast of Galt.