More Red Light cameras could be coming to a corner near you.

Eleven intersections already have red light cameras. And now, armed with new intersection crash data, the Department of Public Works is aiming to put them up at eight more corners around town.

A few of the troublemaker intersections include: 15th and W streets, 9th and X streets, Florin at Greenhaven, and Broadway and Stockton Boulevard.

Despite being seen by some as just another money-maker, the sheriff's department says red light cameras do substantially cut down on crashes.  Lieutenant Rich Kropp pointed to the intersection of Howe Avenue and Fair Oaks.

"It was one of the most deadly intersections in the entire state, and we have about a 76% reduction in crashes at that intersection alone," Kropp said.

To emphasize the point, the lieutenant said one of the newest cameras was installed at I and 5th Streets,

"In 2009, when it was decided to put a camera in, there were 17 red light camera crashses that occured at that intersection.  In 2012 after the installation of that camera, we had one."

He said the county doesn't see much money off of citiations either, since it leases the camera equiptment and contracts out with two CHP officers to monitor violations.

It's the same story for the city, with the money will go to maintaining the hardware, run by Sacramento County with CHP administering the tickets.

The City Council will vote on whether to extend the contract and expand the number of camera's at Tuesday night's meeting.