For a third straight morning we're experiencing unusually cold weather in Sacramento.

We're getting into record breaking territory with this cold air in Sacramento.

Senior broadcast meteorologist Ray Stagich with the Weather Channel says we're close to historic lows for the Valley.

"And records for today are down into the mid-20s. Sacramento Executive Airport actually 26 back in the '70s -- 1972," he said. 

And we're in the mid-20 degree range for many areas around Sacramento this morning, so record breaking continues.

He believes this is just an anomoly and not the new norm for Sacramento.

The bone-chilling cold is taking a toll on the region in the form of damage to homes because of burst water pipes.

The hard freeze is responsible for blowing a pipe in a home in Elk Grove, flooding it out. A friend of the Christy family came over to help get the water out. He described the damage to News10.

"There was about four inches of water -- bathroom, kitchen, family room, all the bedrooms -- the whole house was covered in water," he said. 

Now all the carpeting, padding and the like sits in a soaking heap on the front lawn. The homes owners were out of town, their daughter came over to check on the home and found the deluge.