A Roseville teenager faces felony charges after photos of underage sex appear on-line.

The Woodcreek High School Senior was arrested after Roseville Police were told about photos of an illegal sex act posted on social media:


"The officer investigated and ultimately arrested the suspect on suspicion of having sex with an underage minor, someone who was at least four years younger than himself, and videotaping that act and diseminating it to other people" said Roseville Police spokeswoman Dee Dee Gunther.

Gunther says 18-year old Michael Anthony Contini is being held on $200,000 bail.  

Steve Williams says the Roseville School District will hold a parent forum on the issue once the investigation is complete.

"Parents need to be very proactive in knowing what's going on on the electronic device because in many cases across the country we're finding that, sadly, we have had students who as a result of this type of activity have taken their lives," he said.

For now, Roseville Police say three girls were victimized by Contini and they're investigating the possibility that there might be more.