Some local legislators are not liking the announcement that Covered California is not going to allow canceled policies to extend past the end of 2013.

Assembly Republicans are introducing legislation to make sure consumers can keep their coverage for an additional year. Assembly member Dan Logue is one of the two behind the push.

"We're going to call a special session on healthcare, we're going to ask that this legislation be passed," said Logue.

He continued to say people want to keep their doctors, and their current coverage.

"People like their doctors.  I'm getting calls, I've got a hotline, from all over the state.  People are losing their doctors, people are frantic, they have cancer, they don't know if they're going to get care," Logue said.

The Assemblyman set up a hotline for people to share their stories regarding their personal experiences with the Affordable Care Act.  The number for the hotline is 916-443-5688, or you can visit

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